CoverMyMeds (Senior System Engineer | Feb 2016-Current)

  • Pioneered and championed container-based applications by designing process and automation for the first production Docker application. 95% of ~1000 production application servers are now running containerized apps.
  • Reduced process repetition and reduced risk of human errors by automating common complex tasks with Ansible and AWX.
  • Increased stability of operating system patching by automating promotion of patches through testing, integration and then production.
  • Eliminated tedious manual processes by creating internal python module to interact with Red Hat Satellite API.
  • Trained and mentored new engineers on the intricacies of our tooling and environment.

Nationwide Insurance (Linux System Engineer | June 2013-Feb 2016)

  • Improved server lifecycle management by redesigning Django web application using Django-Rest-Framework.
  • Standardized automated and manual interactions with lifecycle API by creating and deploying ‘pycycle’ python package across 3000+ servers.
  • Reduced complexity of storage activities by overhauling SAN abstraction python package.

Highlights for Children (Linux System Engineer | May 2012-June 2013)

  • Facilitated Single Sign-on implementation across Highlights branded sites by evaluating numerous SSO tooling and protocols.
  • Improved server security by creating automation to configure application firewalls on all servers. (Manager of Technical Operations | Feb 2010-May 2012)

  • Expedited creation of customer Wordpress Network sites by creating tooling to automate site creation via spreadsheet.
  • Reduced customer tickets and improved shared hosting server security by identifying and remedying common Wordpress attack vectors.