Now let's talk about the reason that I REALLY wanted to get this site up quickly. For quite a while I've been wanting to dedicate a month to learning something new about Vim daily. Actually this idea dated back to a darker time in my life - when I used emacs as my primary development editor (just kidding, emacs is fine). What better month to do this in than November!

And thus NoVIMber was born! I'm going to make a solid effort to look at Vim cheat sheets, read Vim blog posts, and thumb through my "Learning the Vi and Vim Editors" book to find a useful feature every single day of NoVIMber! I'll try to make time to post them here daily but there will probably be some days where I'll be playing catch-up. Since today (well, Nov 1st) was "wasted" getting this new site up and running, I'll be learning & posting about 2 new things on the 2nd.

Happy Viming!