It's no surprise that I've been neglecting my site & blog for a while now. Life has been a bit crazy. I'd like to start writing blog posts again. I have a few ideas for some technical blog posts. Hopefully those will materialize soon.

You might notice that the site is changing quite a bit. My previous design was a 'from scratch' blogging platform using the Django Python web framework. It was generally functional but lacked some features & had a few bugs that were annoying to deal with. It seemed like I was working on my blog's code more than I was writing blog posts.

I've decided to stop reinventing the wheel & use something a bit more robust - The Pelican Static Site Generator. Eventually I plan on designing my own theme but for now I'm using a very nice theme called Flex which was made by Alexandre Vicenzi. I like this theme quite a bit so I'm not really in a huge rush to replace it.

My first goal is to get all of my previous blog posts moved over to this new platform. Pelican supports HTML and Markdown so I should be able to forklift most of them. I'll just need to add metadata.

That's all for now!