HaxeFlixel on Arch Linux

Posted on Tue 30 August 2016 in Gamedev • Tagged with Gamedev, video gamesLeave a comment

I've been meaning to play around with HaxeFlixel for a while now. I've heard that it's great for rapid game development and can easily compile to several platforms. Today I decided to start digging in and give it a shot. Getting everything working on Arch hasn't been completely straight-forward so …

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Game bucket list and Metroid Fusion

Posted on Sun 21 August 2016 in Video Games • Tagged with video gamesLeave a comment

I recently added a new page to my website - video game bucket list. There are a lot of games that I've "been meaning" to play or "been meaning to finish" for years. The list is so long that it has gotten hard for me to keep track of. I've decided …

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Dance Dance Revolution Arcade Unlock Codes

Posted on Wed 22 April 2015 in Dance Dance Revolution • Tagged with dance dance revolution, video gamesLeave a comment

A couple of weeks ago I noticed that ddrfreak.com's site is either broken or a lot of content has been removed. I had installed DDRMAX2 on one of my arcade DDR PCBs and went to ddrfreak in search of unlock codes. To my surprise, they were nowhere to …

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