Cutover time!

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I've mostly finished converting my old HTML posts to markdown. There might be a few errors here & there. I plan on proofreading them gradually & correcting any errors that I missed. There's one post (getting telegram working in bitlbee) that I haven't converted yet because it's going to be more of …

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Disabling ~/.mysql_history logging

Posted on Thu 13 August 2015 in Linux • Tagged with linux, mysqlLeave a comment

If you haven't heard, there was a nasty Firefox vulnerability discovered last week. The "tldr" is, malicious ads were able to read the contents of local files on your computer. According to Mozilla, there exploit leaves no traces behind so you can't really know if you were a victim. The …

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Mystery load on my Arch Linux laptop

Posted on Sun 02 August 2015 in Linux • Tagged with arch, linuxLeave a comment

This weekend PyOhio was taking place at the Ohio State University Union building. While sitting in one of the presentations yesterday, I noticed that my battery was a bit lower than I expected. This also lead to me noticing that my load average was hovering between 1 and 1.5 …

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Getting back on track

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By now it's pretty obvious that I fell off of the NoVIMber wagon. I haven't made any posts recently because I've been discouraged that NoVIMber was a bit of a flop. It wasn't a total failure though! I learned several awesome things about Vim! Reflecting on NoVIMber 2014, there was …

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NoVIMber 14, 2014 - Some simple but useful commands

Posted on Sat 15 November 2014 in Vim • Tagged with linux, vim, NoVIMber 2014Leave a comment

I didn't get the opportunity to catch up on posts today. I'm thinking that researching a topic and writing a post every single day was a bit too ambitious. To give myself some additional project time and avoid burn-out, I'm going to cut it back to 3-4 posts per week …

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