Cutover time!

Posted on Mon 07 December 2015 in General • Tagged with linux, pelicanLeave a comment

I've mostly finished converting my old HTML posts to markdown. There might be a few errors here & there. I plan on proofreading them gradually & correcting any errors that I missed. There's one post (getting telegram working in bitlbee) that I haven't converted yet because it's going to be more of …

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New site, less problems

Posted on Mon 07 December 2015 in General • Tagged with python, pelicanLeave a comment

It's no surprise that I've been neglecting my site & blog for a while now. Life has been a bit crazy. I'd like to start writing blog posts again. I have a few ideas for some technical blog posts. Hopefully those will materialize soon.

You might notice that the site is …

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Changes incoming!

Posted on Wed 15 April 2015 in General • Tagged with python, djangoLeave a comment

I'm moving some stuff around and I've been working on my blog software. Hopefully some good stuff will be coming this week!

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Getting back on track

Posted on Sun 14 December 2014 in General • Tagged with linuxLeave a comment

By now it's pretty obvious that I fell off of the NoVIMber wagon. I haven't made any posts recently because I've been discouraged that NoVIMber was a bit of a flop. It wasn't a total failure though! I learned several awesome things about Vim! Reflecting on NoVIMber 2014, there was …

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Site has moved!

Posted on Fri 14 November 2014 in General • Tagged with django, linuxLeave a comment

I had mentioned in my first or second post that this site was being hosted on a temporary server due to my current web server not supporting Django 1.7 (centos 6 with python 2.6). I've finally started rebuilding my primary web server. The first site to move over …

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